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Ranger Alumni Scholarship 2022

The Wausaukee Alumni Education Foundation works to connect Ranger Alumni and giveback to Wausaukee School.  We’re excited to offer scholarships to WHS graduates to cover qualified education expenses including tuition and fees, course-related expenses such as books, supplies, and equipment.

Scholarships are funded through generous contributions from Wausaukee Alumni.  The scholarship award cadence is organized to start after the first year of study and must be renewed annually.  We’ve done this to: 1) encourage academic program completion, 2) spread out the award since many scholarships provide funding in year one, and 3) allow other Ranger Alumni to encourage and support the award recipients during the annual renewal meeting.  We’re cheering for you!

Applicant Requirements

  • Be a member of the Wausaukee High School 2022 graduating class

  • Demonstrate a commitment to enroll in an undergraduate or technical college program within 1 year of WHS graduation

  • Academic performance, other scholarships, community service, and other factors may be considered in the selection process

  • Agree to keep in contact with WAEF via email to engage in the renewal process

  • Agree to renew the scholarship each year (renewal process detailed below) 

  • Submit completed application online by April 29th, 2022 at

Scholarship Details

Each scholarship is $750 per academic program year starting the 2nd year of each award recipient’s studies and is contingent upon completing the annual renew process (detailed below).  This scholarship is only available for a maximum of 3 sequential year awards ($2,250 max).

For example, if an award recipient is entering a 4 year college program, this scholarship is payable in the fall of the award recipient’s sophomore, junior, and senior year ($2,250 total) contingent upon completing the renewal process.  If an award recipient is entering a 2 year technical college program, this scholarship is payable after the student’s first year of study ($750 total), again contingent upon the student completing the renewal process.

Annual Renewable Process

Once awarded, these steps must be completed annually to receive the scholarship payout:

  • Program transcripts must be emailed to WAEF to demonstrate a GPA of at least 3.0

  • Award recipient must intend to continue the academic program

  • Award recipients must attend a WAEF Board summer Zoom call to present briefly on their education experience (just a conversation, no formal presentation required)

How to Submit

Select the "Submit Application" button below to submit your completed Ranger Alumni Scholarship application. Scholarship submissions must be submitted by April 29th, 2022. 

All award recipient situations that do not fit into the above guidelines will be evaluated individually by the WAEF Board to govern how to handle.  The WAEF Board decision is final.


Please contact Mr. Deschane or email

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