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Grant Application 2023

We are accepting grant proposal applications until October 8th, 2023 from teachers, administrators, and school staff for programs planned for the current school year.
WAEF connects Ranger Alumni and Wausaukee School students.  We aspire to encourage academic excellence by awarding classroom grants for innovative and creative projects.


The following guidelines will be used by the Foundation Board to award grants:

  • Dollar amount granted will be $1,000 or less per application for this cycle

  • In total, programs impact as many students as possible

  • There is evidence of need for the proposed program

  • The proposal is clearly articulated and is feasible within the stated timeframe

  • There is a clear measure of success for the program

  • To the extent possible, the grants will be spread across different classrooms and departments, also considering previous recipients of grants in prior years

  • Grants are in alignment with District standards and policies and are not activities normally covered by the District operating budget


The volume of applications has been high in past years.  The WAEF board will approve as many projects as possible that fit within the allowable budget.  Funded programs will be announced after the Board approval process is complete.

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